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With 20 years of experience under our belt, Calvert Restoration can meet all of your project’s waterproofing or masonry restoration needs. See below for the list of services we offer with excellence. Contact us today to Get A Quote.


Waterproofing is essential in order to create a long-lasting seal around a building ensuring water doesn’t infiltrate the structure and cause damage. We are experienced in installing cold liquid applied, hot liquid applied, and sheet applied types of waterproofing.

Coating Applications

It is essential to consider the elements, exposure, and porousness of a structure to ensure that the proper materials are applied for longevity and durability. Our knowledge base and relationship with suppliers allow us to carefully select the best product to apply.

Masonry Cleaning & Restoration

Calvert Restoration has the manpower and skill to carefully powerwash, clean, and prepare masonry so that the original appearance of a building isn’t altered. We work closely with suppliers to carefully match existing brick and mortar so that the final product meshes seamlessly with the original structure.


Calvert Restoration offers caulking services of many types including weather-sealing, structural, and fire caulking. Our force is skilled in carefully applying caulk to exterior building joints, masonry wall joints, curtain walls, and window glass to glass structural joints. We take pride in the appearance of our work and maintain a strong relationship with our suppliers to ensure we are using the best product for the project.

Chemical Grout Injection

Calvert Restoration has the experience and equipment necessary to offer chemical grouting injection services in below-grade structures. We drill at staggered intervals before stting the injection ports. The final process includes pumping the chemical grout through the ports and ensuring a smooth patch at port entry.

Concrete Repair

Calvert Restoration will determine the source of concrete degradation in order to provide complete concrete repair. The repair might include adding steel reinforcement or fiber composites. It is important to restore concrete to its original condition and to ensure an aesthetically pleasing final product.

Fire Caulking

Calvert Restoration is skilled and experienced at installing fire caulking to ensure a fire will be contained to an area of origin ensuring occupants can exit safely in an emergent event. It is of utmost importance to select the proper sealant for joints and penetrations so that the performance of the fire-rated system is not compromised. This is why we maintain communication with our supplier from start to finish on any fire caulking project.

Expansion Joint Systems

Installing expansion joint systems correctly is important in order to absorb thermal or mechanical movements of a structure. Calvert Restoration works to ensure that the joint system is properly guided, anchored, and watertight.